Save a horse from the Kill Pens

Interested in saving your own horse from the kill pens? Below are some of the services that we offer to help you get exactly what you are looking for

Save a Kill Pen Horse

Tell us what you are looking for for your own rescue. This service would be us searching the kill pen networks for you. The horse would then be yours and would go to your house. We ask for your vet’s number so that we can verify your facility is ready for a rescue horse.

Save a kill pen horse and send them to us

Interested in saving a horse but want them to come to Storeybrook Sanctuary? Inquire to see if we have space. If we do, you would pay for all fee’s associated with rescuing, quarantine, vet, farrier, and shipping. Once they are here we offer a discounted board rate for rescues. You will own the horse and can take them at any time.

Become a sponsor of one of our rescues!

Want to help with our rescues without all the pressure of owning a horse? Become a sponsor! Sponsors donate a monthly amount of their choosing for the care of the horse they pick. The donations can stop at any time. You will receive monthly updates and pictures of your sponsored horse!

We also have recently seen an increase in people willing to bail horses but they can’t home them. If you are interested in homing an already bailed horse, please inquire below and we will send you an adoption contract for us to review. Once approved, we will add you to a private Facebook group where these horses will be advertised.

Interested in any of the above options? Fill out the form below and connect with us!

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